Hi, I'm Geo!

I'm a UX & UI Product designer (6 years experience) working in San Francisco.

Growing up I found a lot of joy in writing, making things with my hands, and dreaming up new ideas. Nowadays, I love applying my creative passion and story telling abilities to the field of UX & UI design.

UX & UI design for me is a way to solve problems in the real world. Design thinking and creativity are intertwined in my process, as well as working within a cross-functional team to get to the heart of the problem we are trying to solve together.

For the most part, I focus on solving problems along with delivering concept designs, UI designs, prototypes, user research & testing, interaction designs, design language systems, and QA. Ultimately though, I love seeing all these things come together to create a simple user experience that delights users.

If someone asked me to describe my design style, I would say my approach to design is feminine, playful, and functional :)

Current position
UX & UI Product Designer with 6 years experience working at Shipt

UX Skills
Problem solving, concept design, UI design, prototyping, user research & testing, interaction design, design language systems, and QA.

In my spare time I love expressing ideas through illustration, I take regular creative classes (print and candle making), and I write Spanish love stories (aka Novelas).

English, Spanish (native), Arabic, japanese (learning)

Say hi!
I'm always looking for an excuse to grab coffee and catch up, drop me a line!